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At G & F Auto Glass, we will get you back on the road quickly. Whenever your vehicle needs any kind of glass, you can trust our team. We are a family owned and operated business, with old fashioned values. We cater to our customers with services like FREE estimates, FREE mobile service and good quality workmanship at good prices. You can count on us whenever your car or truck needs windshield work.

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• Certified Auto Glass Technician (CAGT)

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  • Windshield Repair or Replacement
  • Auto Glass & Mirrors
  • o Windows - New
  • o Window - Repair
  • Door or Window Screens - Install or Repair

Trust the San Antonio Auto Glass Repair Shop

We tend to take for granted how much a windshield protects us from wind, rain and debris but other than making the drive more comfortable the windshield also protects the driver and passengers in some fairly unique ways. The windshield gives added strength to your vehicle and just like seatbelts and airbags, is an integral part of your vehicle's safety system. With a cracked or stone bruised windshield you compromise the structural safety of your vehicle in the event of an accident. You need to see a knowledgeable San Antonio auto glass dealer promptly if you have a crack or other damage to your windshield.

The condition of your windshield could affect the safety of you and your passengers. The San Antonio auto glass technicians are trained to ensure the job is done right. While extensive damage will mean that your windshield will need replacing, if the damage isn't too bad you may be able to get it repaired.

If you don't want to file a claim with your insurance carrier, the cost is usually affordable enough to be paid out of pocket. No matter what you do, talk to an auto glass specialist first. Remember that you have a legal right to choose the San Antonio auto glass shop that you want to work with if you do decide to use your insurance.

San Antonio Auto Glass Dealer: Offering Expert Glass Service

If this is the first time you’ve ever had to get your windshield fixed, you may have no idea of what’s involved. The process may seem fairly easy but it's only something that should undertaken by a professional San Antonio auto glass repair shop. Don't attempt the job yourself thinking you're going to be saving a lot of money. While it may look like it's just a matter of taking one windshield out, adding some silicon and popping in a new windshield, there are a few fine details that can affect the safely of your vehicle. A San Antonio auto glass technician knows what windshields and adhesives to use and will adhere to federal vehicle safety standards.

When you take your vehicle in for repairs, be prepared to be without your car or truck for a few hours. You can ask the San Antonio auto glass dealer how long they expect the job to take. The adhesive is going to need some time to cure. The specific adhesive and weather conditions can affect the curing time. The San Antonio auto glass dealer can advise you on how long you should wait before driving the vehicle.

The San Antonio auto glass shop technician will begin by checking your vehicle and then covering the interior upholstery and flooring to protect them from the adhesive or other potential damage. The windshield wipers and trim will be taken off before the damaged windshield can be lifted out. Once the old adhesive is removed, the technician can then apply the new. Before installing the new windshield the San Antonio auto glass technician will clean and prime the edges to ensure a proper bond to the vehicle. After installing the windshield the trim and wipers are put back on and the windshield gets a thorough cleaning and one last inspection.

The San Antonio Auto Glass Shop Provides Professional Service

You may hesitate at having the windshield replaced if all you have is a small crack or chip. Instead of completely changing out your windshield for a new one it might be possible to repair it. The use of a unique resin can stop the crack or other damage from getting larger. There have been some substantial improvements in the materials and methods used in windshield repair and the process can make the damage nearly invisible. It’s also possible that your insurance company will cover the cost of the repair. Not all windshields can be repaired but a knowledgeable San Antonio auto glass dealer will be able to examine it and tell you what to do.

You might be tempted to try fixing the damage yourself with one of those do it yourself repair kits. It is not advisable to attempt a windshield repair yourself. These kits are not the same thing used by quality repair shops and the time you waste could put your windshield beyond repair. It doesn’t take much for a small crack to work its way over the whole windshield. You’ll have no other choice but to have the windshield replaced because once the damage spreads it is impossible to repair. In the long run trying to repair the windshield yourself can actually cost you more, so save the time and money and let a professional San Antonio auto glass dealer do the job right.

San Antonio Auto Glass Shop: Working to Establish Trust

Windshields aren't the only thing the San Antonio auto glass dealer can help you with. It’s all about auto glass, just like the name says. Other glass in your vehicle is susceptible to damage as well. The side and rear glass can be broken due to a collision, a thrown object or extreme heat. But no matter the cause, if you need a rear or side window replaced, you know where to go. A dependable San Antonio auto glass dealer can fix the problem for you.

Your car or truck can be unsafe to drive with a damaged windshield. A repair may be possible but it will need to be done right away before the crack or stone bruise spreads across the windshield. You’ll need to have the windshield replaced once that happens. But whatever the case you can count on the San Antonio auto glass shop to be there to help.

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